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Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using electronic mail email.
In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing
Email marketing has become very popular in recent years. Although highly effective, email marketing can be quite expensive to hundreds of dollars per email blast.Onderzoekers estimate that U.S. companies only U.S. $ 400 million spent on e-mail marketing in 2006

 Blast e-mail services typically cost about $ 100 or more per blast and are very effective, our results show safe-list mailing that charges a membership fee and members can blast usually once a day, with about the same.

Do not pay hundreds for a blast when you can pay $ 30 or $ 40 each for multiple detonation deliver comparable results

The top three email marketing companies below are reviewed by my staff. I began the assessment by selecting 12 of the top email marketing firms and sent the same email address from all services, each with a unique tracking linked image that I can see exactly what percentage of emails actually were opened, a tracking link to see how many subscribers actually went to a site that is being advertised and what percentage of those who visited actually placed an order.

Website                                    Product                    Price              
==========================================                      Eblaster                  $24.95                 
-_______________________________________________________       SafeMailZT           $39.95                  
_______________________________________________________                    Blast4Traffic            $34.50                  

NetMax Marketing

Break Down:
Effectiveness:                                    Excellent
Support:                                             Very Good
User Friendly:                                    Excellent
Regularly Updated:                            Excellent
Product Delivery:                               Very Good
Overall:                                              Excellent
Database Size:                                    3,500,000
Price:                                                  $24.95

NetMax Marketing’s Eblaster business model is to offer a simple user interface, much like the visual editor you use with MS Outlook, while establishing one of the largest and most frequently updated email databases on the market.
Out of all safe-lists reviewed, NetMax Marketing’s Eblaster showed the best results in all tracking catagores. NetMax Marketing has implemented an updating system which removes email addresses within the system which bounce more than 5 times and replaces them automatically, ensuring all blasts which travel through the system only see valid email inboxes.
Three features that stand out with this product are the easy to use visual editor, making html emails a breeze, database stats displayed in real time for all members to see, and the demo account feature. Unlike most other safelists you may create an account and view the systems inner workings before you purchase. Over all very easy to set up, simple to use, and great results.

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Web Traffic Marketing

 Break Down:
Effectiveness:                                   Excellent
Support:                                            Excellent
User Friendly:                                   Excellent
Regularly Updated:                           Excellent
Product Delivery:                              Very Good
Overall:                                             Very Good
Database Size:                                   2,700,000
Price:                                                 $39.95

Web Traffic Marketing's SafeMailer ZT has recently been updated and is quite impressive. Right when you login you are presented with a easy to follow user guide, which we always recommend reading, but probably not necessary as the system is so simple as is.
Similar to the Eblaster, each account come standard with real time database stats and an easy to use HTML building tools including a visual editor and a great html guide for those who wish to hard code their HTML emails. Results on a percentage bases where not quite as good as the Eblaster, but were still exceptional and still far exceeded our original expectations.
In addition to the bulk emailing software we were pleased to get the extra search engine optimization guide, which we expected to be outdated, but instead found it to be one of the better guides we have read. In fact, if we rate SEO guides in the future this guide may end up in our top 5 list. When you add in their super fast support Web Traffic Marketing comes out highly recommended.

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Break Down:
Effectiveness:                                 Average at best
Support:                                          Average at best
User Friendly:                                 Very Good
Regularly Updated:                         Very Good
Product Delivery:                            Excellent
Overall:                                           Average at best
Database Size:                                 2.300,000
Price:                                               $34.50 has many features and products which are easy to set up and to use. We especially liked how we had an option of downloading software which allowed us to send directly from our computer without having to login to their site. There is also many other free gifts members can take advantage of, although most of the gifts are low quality tools, for those who can take advantage of them it’s a nice bonus.
Total results were slightly lower than 10-Million-Hits, somewhat surprising because 10-Million-Hits is about 4 times as large.
Set up was simple and so was starting our campaign, but we were not impressed with their HTML building tools. Although results were good, if you want to send HTML and you are a beginner Blast4Traffic is probably not your best choice. Over all we where impressed with the percentages and the timely replies from the support staff.

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